Family Doctor Update – August 30, 2019

The number of new patient applications received by the Innisfil Health Collaborative was actually more than 1,200. The Innisfil Health Collaborative will continue their hold on new applications while they work through the ones they have already received. 

Family Doctor Update – June 18, 2019

The Innisfil Health Collaborative team is in the process of registering and seeing 500 new patients. With such a large increase of patients in just their first month operating out of the new Rizzardo Health & Wellness Centre, they need time to catch up. In order to ensure the best care for their patients, the Innisfil Health Collaborative has put a temporary hold on new applications. Once the team has caught up they will re-open applications. Please keep an eye on this website – an update on new patient applications will be posted in August.

While no new application packages will be given out, if you have already received an application form from the Innisfil Health Collaborative, you may still drop it off at their office in the Rizzardo Health & Wellness Centre.