Volunteer Opportunities

Community Fridge Ambassador

Community fridge ambassadors support the ongoing operations of the community fridges and help spread awareness about the program. Ambassadors clean and organize the fridges and pantries and share updates about the fridges with the community.

The time commitment is flexible – Community Fridge Ambassadors can commit as much or as little time to this role as they’d like and can follow their own schedule.

Cooking Program Support

This role is suitable for someone who wants to gain experience or be involved in our community cooking programs but is looking for a smaller role. The Cooking Program Support Volunteer will help Town Staff with the delivery of in-person and virtual cooking programs. Tasks may include food preparation, portioning ingredients, helping participants, washing dishes, etc.

Time commitment per week is flexible depending on the program, but we ask for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks

Cooking Program Instructor

This role is suitable for a keen cook or community builder looking to take on a larger volunteer role, or a student/young professional seeking experience in the health & wellness field. The Volunteer Cooking Program instructor will facilitate their own cooking program, designed and coordinated collaboratively with Town of Innisfil Staff.

Time commitment is 8-16 hours/month (depending on if program is weekly or bi-weekly) for a minimum of 6 months.

Mood Walks Program Facilitator

Mood Walks is a weekly group walking program to support the mental, physical, and social wellbeing of participants. The Mood Walks Program Facilitator will lead the group’s weekly walks while fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

Time commitment is 2 hours/week for 12 weeks.

Please complete the VOLUNTEER SIGN UP FORM  if you would like to volunteer for any of the above roles.

** If you would like to learn more about these volunteer opportunities, please contact Sara at scorcoran@innisfil.ca